Licensed TeXtreme® users

Oxeon is the makers of TeXtreme® and this page lists all brands having the right to use the protected TeXtreme® trademarks, which gives the product a premium label and connects it to F1, Americas Cup and other high-end products. 


We are proud to have so many outstanding companies as customers and licensed users for our TeXtreme® composite reinforcements. To ensure that a product is using our materials keep a look out for the TeXtreme® logo. 


For any questions on how to become a licensed TeXtreme® user, contact us


  • Bauer Hockey

 Bauer Hockey

  • Berria Bikes

 Berria Bikes

  • BlkBox Surf

 BlkBox Surf

  • Brabo Hockey

 Brabo Hockey

  • Ektelon Racquetball

 Ektelon Racquetball

  • Fanatic Windsurfing

 Fanatic Windsurfing

  • Felt Bicycles

 Felt Bicycles

  • Fujikura Golf

 Fujikura Golf

  • Hydroflex Surfboards

 Hydroflex Surfboards

  • Jones Snowboards

 Jones Snowboards

  • Kemo Bikes

 Kemo Bikes

  • North Kiteboarding

 North Kiteboarding

  • One Snowboards

 One Snowboards

  • PRO bike gear

 PRO bike gear

  • Stiga Sports

Stiga Table Tennis

  • Swift Canoe & Kayak

 Swift Canoe & Kayak

Licensed user logos: