Oxeon holds patents both for its technologies and unique tape woven materials. These technologies can be produced using all type of fiber materials and using all types of tapes in its processes, and can be applied to various industries such as composites and ballistics.


Spread Tow Technology

Oxeons technology for spreading fiber tows into uni-directional (UD) tapes. Spread Tow tapes are produced by spreading tows of desired fiber type into UD tapes of certain areal weight and width. The spreading of tows enables producing UD tapes of very low areal weight while maintaining consistency of width.


Tape Weaving Technology

Oxeons technology for weaving with tapes. Spread Tow fabrics are produced by interlacing Spread Tow tapes of desired fibers to obtain a virtually crimp-less fabric with straight orientation of fibers. The result is a reinforcement with the mechanical performance of a cross plied UD and the ease of handling of a fabric.


Oblique Fabric Technology

Oxeons technology for weaving with tapes, placed in any angle. This proprietary innovation enables continuous-length production of novel fabrics by interlacing two sets of Spread Tow Tapes in different angles +α/-β, for example +45/-45, +30/-60, +50/-25, etc.





Image: The novel spread process, from fiber tow into a thin UD tape. ©Oxeon 2014.


The Spread Tow UD tapes produced are much thinner than conventional carbon fiber tapes and have more material packed in the same area which gives better mechanical performance.





Image: Illustration of the benefits of the Spread Tow fabrics fro conventional carbon fabrics. ©Oxeon 2014.


These Spread Tow tapes are then used to weave the novel weave Spread Tow fabrics. Different tapes of none fiber materials can also be used directly in tape form. The patented Spread Tow fabrics are then used for various industries depending of needs and materials used.




Image: Illustration of the benefits of the Spread Tow +α/-β fabrics from conventional woven fabrics©Oxeon 2014.


The patented Spread Tow +α/-β fabrics are then used for various industries depending of needs and materials used.

Spread Tow Technology



Tape Weaving Technology



Oblique Fabric Technology





Spread Tow fabrics is manufactured using Spread Tow tapes and its construction can be optimized by interlacing the dry UD tapes in different angles +α/-β and through combination of different fiber types and materials.


Product categories:

  • 0/90
  • 45/45
  • UD tapes
  • Hybrids


Optimization variables:

  • Areal weights
  • Fiber type
  • Fiber angle 
  • Fiber distribution
  • Tape width
  • Fabric width