About us

Oxeon has had a tremendous growth since the start more than ten years ago and the constantly increasing interest for the unique benefits of the proprietary technologies shows that it brings value to different industries.


Oxeon produces, develops and sells materials towards the composites industry under the brand name TeXtreme®, mainly using carbon fiber.


Oxeon is privately owned and three institutional owners; Investment AB Latour, InnovationsKapital and AB Chalmersinvest holds a large part of the shares.



  • Spread Tow Tecnology
  • Tape Weaving Technology
  • Oblique Fabric Technology



Oxeon was founded in 2003 after Dr. Nandan Khokar developed the Tape Weaving Technology at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. Together with Fredrik Winberg, Dr. Khokar presented this Technology at Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship in 2002 where, among others, Andreas Martsman (VP- Marketing & Sales) and Henrik Blycker (CEO) studied.


They saw an interest and potential in this unique weaving technology from the composites industry, particularly for producing carbon reinforcements for the unique performance benefits it would bring. Soon after Oxeon was founded, the first order came in. The new carbon fabric was launched as TeXtreme® Spread Tow fabrics to the market in 2004. In 2006 Oxeon initiated the sales of TeXtreme®Spread Tow tapes.


Oxeon’s road to success has been full of challenges. Initially Oxeon purchased carbon UD tapes to produce its fabrics. However, the lack of suitable tapes that met with the quality requirements, lead Oxeon to develop its own Spread Tow Technology and machines. From such a beginning Oxeon has now grown into a stable, reliable and leading company in the field. For its strong growth Oxeon was recognized as Sweden’s fastest growing company in 2010.


The latest innovation concerns development of a new technology to produce Spread Tow +α /-β fabrics. This technology, called Oblique Fabric Technology, produces continuous-length bias fabric wherein the tapes are placed in +α /-β orientations. The initial +α/-β Spread Tow carbon fabric offered have the tapes oriented in +45/-45.


These +α/-β Spread Tow fabrics can be advantageously combined with existing 0/90 Spread Tow fabrics for obtaining directly a multiaxial reinforcement. These patented innovations allow Oxeon to provide a wide range of optimized reinforcement solutions.


Oxeon headquarters are located in Borås, Sweden and in 2011 expanded to the US by starting up Oxeon Inc. Oxeon’s novel Spread Tow, Tape Weaving and Oblique Fabric Technologies together provide flexibility in producing tow count-independent optimized carbon fiber reinforcements that are tailor-made to meet specific application needs.


Alongside the developments made for materials in the composites industry the technologies and have been licensed out to other industries that have been able to benefit from the especially the Tape Weaving Technology.


TeXtreme® Spread Tow carbon reinforcements are being increasingly used in applications in Aerospace, Industrial and Sporting Goods.

DR. Nandan Khokar - R&D manager
Fredrik Winberg - Board member